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At GTK.us we write about people introducing them to our readers. We provide information about individuals that help people Get To Know them and facilitate connections. Article sponsors are provided space (up to 600px height) at the end of the article which can be used to add contact information, an image (or banner ad) or a video embed (Youtube or Vimeo). Individuals with a business interest may sponsor their own profile. 

A sponsorship is not required for an individual to be included in GTK.us however sponsored profiles are processed faster and guarantee inclusion. GTK retains editorial rights whilst a sponsor may request exclusion or removal of certain content. 

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Multi-Profile Sponsorship on GTK™ 

As a media business we rely on our sponsors to support our efforts and businesses can benefit from sponsoring profiles about people in their industry. Multi-Profile sponsors are featured at the top of the articles they sponsor. We provide a 90px height space above the article for multi-profile sponsors.

This type of sponsorship is not the same as sponsoring an individual profile, if you wish to sponsor multiple profiles (e.g. for your team) let's set a meeting to discuss your options. 

GTK Category Sponsorship

GTK Category sponsorship is available for industry leaders with an interest in specific categories on GTK such as "Finance Coaches" or "Fertility Experts" sponsorship rates vary by category and a proposal can be drafted for interested parties. Category sponsors are also included in email marketing, events, social media and in a myriad of other ways. Kindly contact us to discuss this opportunity.

Articles & Interview Sponsorship

GTK.us is focused solely on featuring individuals however we also have websites dedicated to individuals sharing their knowledge on a myriad of topics including destinations. If you are interested in sponsoring content in one of our existing subject matter magazines or have an interest in a particular subject matter magazine being created please contact us to discuss. 




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