Mighty QR by GTKME®

Mighty QR powers GTKME®'s QR products and is wholly owned by GTKME®. 

Mighty QRs are easy to use, simply scan the purchased QR code and enter the provided activation code, bringing your product's digital page to life. Register your page to ensure you are able to update it in the future if desired. 
If you have already registered your page or account you can click below to login: 

Mighty QR also provides custom white labeled solutions of our technology. 
What you can add to your Mighty QR Page: 
  • Up to 20 Photos
  • Unlimited text posts
  • Buttons to link to Social Media, Websites, etc. 
  • Embeddable videos from Youtube & Vimeo
  • Gift Card information

Additional Features: 

  • Easily rearrange photos & other content using up & down arrows
  • Redirect QR code to any website, social media profile etc. 
  • Password protect your page for additional privacy
  • Guest posting feature, allow others to add content to your page (excellent for cards given by a group)
  • Multipage management (One account, multiple QR pages)
  • Add a link to any photo or graphic you upload 
  • Branded content for multiple pages (Events, Marketing etc.)

How it works: 

  • Simply scan the QR code to activate
  • Insert activation code
  • Register your page 
  • Easy to use button bar to add different types of content
    • eg. Click image button to add an image, select image from phone (or take a photo), click post. (You can rearrange order at any time)
  • Logout
  • Scan QR code to view page at any time or invite others to scan to view. 
  • Click LOG IN button at bottom of page to edit page's content at any time. 

White label & business solutions: 

Please contact CJ @ GTKME.com to discuss your needs, we are able to provide full system solutions on AWS servers, or custom managed solutions depending on your needs. We are also able to provide analytics, marketing campaign solutions (including direct mail solutions). Our system also has other features not listed here that may be of interest. 

Retail Solutions: 

We are able to provide custom destination product solutions, in collaboration with GTKME®'s product development team, keepsake photo album cards and other products, with appropriate retail packaging.