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At GTKME®️we are looking to partner with individuals that align with our core values. Individuality (the right to be yourself and identified as an individual not a label); Self-Expression, the right to speak and act freely as long as you do not harm others, and connection, realizing no human should be an island 🏝️. We support our collaborators in a number of ways including free gifts; collaborations(cross promotion), whitelabel products, if you wish to brand any of our identity solutions like our QR code software. Discounts and gifts from our partners (if you choose to opt-in). Our top performers will also be able to opt-in to free training and opportunities to become an official customizer; we provide official customizers with equipment and other tools that allow them to make a consistent income from the comfort of their own home with a limited time commitment.

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Partnership opportunities

  • Gifting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Discount codes
  • Additional opportunities