Right to expression is really very important for me. Without expression, there’s nothing. Freely expressing what you feel and think is crucial for everyone. It provides you with a sense of freedom. The way you handle things, projects, and all the business stuff can be easily done with the help of expressions.

The right expression will help you reach your creative side in your personal and professional life.

Yes, there are so many times when you express yourself but the other party doesn’t agree and a conflict of opinions and viewpoint might arise. However, this should not stop you from
expressing yourself freely in any situation. Keep your mind and heart open with the freedom of expression.

Get to know Eric Jones

Eric Jones is the CEO and co-founder of couture candy an online special occasion fashion E-commerce business.

When Eric isn’t working on couture candy you can find him playing tennis, spending time at the beach, and taking care of two lovely baby boys. Beyond couture candy, Eric cares about exploring new business opportunities.

Eric grew up in Santa Barbara and has a twin brother along with a younger sister. He really enjoyed the long walks by the beach and playing indoor games with his siblings.

How GTKME helps people like Eric Jones express themselves.

1. A GTKME page where they can express themselves! (Add images, video, a personal message, and more)
2. Interactive clothing that is linked to their Get To Know Me page!
3. Clothing that makes it clear they have something to say.

GTKME pages are accessible when scanned. No apps required, works with most smartphones!

Express yourself with GTKME Interactive wear

All clothing, gifts, and accessories sold by GTKME have their own GTKME page where you can write, add photos, video, and more. Login details are provided with the item, no setup required, just log in and express yourself!