Freedom of expression is the right to freely express oneself about beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and emotions without fear of censorship from the government.

As a mental health expert, it’s important to be able to exercise this right or have the mentality of this freedom.

With the internet having given a forum to diverse perspectives, this freedom is constantly challenged in a minefield of sensitivities and opposing viewpoints. What many have forgotten is that while we have been given this right, it has also been given to others.

I believe that if we exercise this right, then we should be prepared for others to do so as well.

Get to know Chris Norris

Chris Norris is the managing editor at Sleep Standards which is dedicated to “Better Sleep, Better Life” by providing the best sleeping advice which is practical, impartial, and up to date. Chris was a psychiatrist and neurologist with board certification in sleep medicine, Clinical Associate professor at the University of California. For over 10 years, he served and helped patients at Health Care-Stanford Hospital with their sleeping disorders.


How GTKME can help people like Chris express themselves.

1. A GTKME page where they can express themselves! (Add images, video, a personal message, and more)
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3. Clothing that makes it clear they have something to say.

What would you see when scanning Chris’ clothing? Well anything Chris wanted to share; we imagine it wouldn’t put you to sleep but it might help you do so! 🙂

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