I am absolutely against limiting people from expressing their opinions. I have seen how much harm can be caused if people are forced to repress what they really think and feel. I am not saying that everybody’s opinion will be accepted or appropriate, but there should be no limits in terms of expression.

In my opinion, the framework is the most important. If people express themselves without intentionally harming or offending others, this should be okay. However, freedom of speech must not be used as an excuse for extreme and aggressive behavior, whether it’s physical or verbal.

Stefan Chekanov
CEO of Brosix

How GTKME helps people like Stefan Checkanov express themselves.

1. A GTKME page where they can express themselves! (Add images, video, a personal message, and more)
2. Interactive clothing that is linked to their Get To Know Me page!
3. Clothing that makes it clear they have something to say, GTKME pages are accessible by any smartphone!

Express yourself with GTKME Interactive wear

All clothing, gifts and accessories sold by GTKME have their own GTKME page where you can write, add photos, video & more. Login details are provided with the item, no setup required, just login and express yourself!