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GTKME® Taurus Bull Zodiac T-Shirt with Bolted-On Laser Etched Patch

GTKME® Taurus Bull Zodiac T-Shirt with Bolted-On Laser Etched Patch

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GTKME t-shirts are made to stand out. Featuring a Laser Etched patch secured with micro metal bolts. Customize the color and location of your patch to your liking. The patch has cotton shielding on the inside for added comfort. Machine Washable and dryer safe when handled with care.

  • This Taurus T-Shirt is part of the GTKME (Get To Know Me) Zodiac, Astrology & Spirit Animal Collection, a conversation starter that also makes an excellent gift for anyone who identifies by their star sign or a spirit animal. GTKME is a US-based small business with a focus on individuality, self-expression, and connection.
  • Laser etched patch is available in two sizes, 7 cm (Middle Chest Placement) or 5 cm (Left Sleeve or Left Chest Placement) in diameter. The patch has a front plate and a back plate bolted together with micro bolts. The back plate has cotton shielding for added comfort. Patch material is ABS a Lightweight Thermoplastic (similar to acrylic).
  • Carbon Steel, zinc-plated micro hex nuts are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. They are bolted on individually by hand. They provide a very unique aesthetic.
  • Machine washable with care, just place the T-shirt in a wash bag or zip-up pillow case to safeguard it from scratches. Dryer safe when properly handled; keep T-shirt in a wash bag and dry only on low heat setting.
  • T-shirt made of U.S.-grown cotton, this versatile tee works with many outfit options. Solid Colors are 100% U.S. cotton. Sport Grey: 90% U.S. cotton | 10% polyester. Heathers & Safety Colors: 50% U.S. cotton | 50% polyester. Ash Grey: 99% U.S. cotton | 1% polyester.

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