Interactive Keychain, Bag-charm for sharing photos, videos, music & more.


How it works: When you buy this keychain you will also get a personal GTKME page where you can write, add photos, video, memes, music etc. (Login details are provided with the keychain.)
Your keychain will have a unique GTKME Code that links to your personal GTKME page when scanned, just like scanning a QR Code to view a menu at a restaurant but instead, it links exclusively to your GTKME page.


What we provide:

  1. A GTKME Page where you can write, add photos, and share videos & music from sites like Youtube & Vimeo.
  2. A GTKME Code that links exclusively to your GTKME Page when scanned.
  3. Your GTKME Page is exclusive to you, all that people scanning your tag will see is what you put on your page.
  4. Easy to use, no setup required, no apps to download, just log in and start using your page.  (+No ads)

All our items have their own GTKME page, so when you buy an item you will receive login details to a GTKME Page. Our patent-pending technology makes it possible to share what you care about quickly; just ask them to scan your GTKME code to see your GTKME page.

We provide the page and the code, you choose how to use it!

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