Interactive Canvas Print Heart Frame 7.7″ x 7.7″


A sweet gift with a message you control! When the person receiving the gift scans the QR code printed on the canvas they will visit a personal page you control! Write, add photos, video and more!

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This interactive frame comes with its very own page where you can write, add photos, videos, music, etc. to delight the recipient of the gift with a personal message that you can update at any time! Think about it, the person receives your gift and scans the QR code with their phone, with one click they visit the frame’s page! What you put on the page is absolutely up to you.

A lovely crafty gift with a technological twist. Paint or decorate this smooth wood surface. Excellent surface for paint, stain, decoupage, Woodburn or other embellishments. If you prefer a different design on your canvas for your GTKME QR code, please contact us via email and we will send you a few custom options.

*Paintbrush & paint not included.
*Smartphones used as examples of what you can do with a GTKME page.

Some ideas:

  • Photos – Family photos, travel photos, photos with the gift recipient.
  • Video – A special video, you can upload any video to Youtube or Vimeo and embed it into the page. Maybe the kids singing merry xmas? Or a special thank you!
  • Write – Remind them how awesome they are and how much they mean to you. Write something funny, maybe a memory you have from when you were both kids?
  • Memes – Do you both have a quaint sense of humor, is there a meme that will make them smile every time they scan the code?
  • Update – You can either leave the page as it was when you gifted the item or you can update the page every once in a while with new photos, video, memes etc

Frame: Wood.
Easel: For tabletop use.
Frame Size: 7-3/4″ x 7-3/4″
Opening Size: 4-3/4″x5″
Frame Design: Smooth finish wood.

Size Chart

Frame size 5" x 7" Canvas size 4" x 6"
Assembled Product Weight
0.29 lbs

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