*Our right to express gives us the power to engage in many situations and social issues and the authority to voice out our sentiments on any matters*.

It is essential nowadays that we are using our voice to empower each other and influence others for the common good. However, we are accountable for any effects that this may cause us – either for good or bad if we are using our right without limitation. It is our right to speak out, but it is our responsibility to be factual.

Keep in mind that our voices can influence people, and it can turntables.

Make sure to use it in a proper way and to keep on standing for what is right and just.

Robert Johnson – Founder of Sawinery

How GTKME helps people like Robert Johnson express themselves.

1. A GTKME page where they can express themselves! (Add images, video, a personal message, and more)
2. Interactive clothing that is linked to their Get To Know Me page!
3. Clothing that makes it clear they have something to say, GTKME pages are accessible by any smartphone!

Express yourself with GTKME Interactive wear

All clothing, gifts, and accessories sold by GTKME have their own GTKME page where you can write, add photos, video, and more. Login details are provided with the item, no setup required, just log in and express yourself!