The right to express oneself is correlated to the freedom of speech offered by the First Amendment. That right allows an individual to express themselves without fear of censorship or moderation. This right does not extend to the right of expression on private online technology platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The First Amendment only protects an individual from freedom of expression being limited by the government.

Free speech in the Internet age is not absolute. A website owner exercises their First Amendment rights by moderating comments that they do not want to be expressed on their site. The First Amendment to the Constitution allows a website owner to censor any content submitted by a third party. It is important to note that the rapid rise of incidents of cyberbullying, revenge porn cases, and other hate crimes committed on the Internet. Many moderators censor content or control ‘free speech’ on the Internet in order to protect other users of a website from these crimes. Although sometimes moderators are overzealous with their moderation, they are nonetheless protected in the behavior by the First Amendment and may, in some instances, even be liable for not removing content that is hateful.



David Reischer graduated law school in 2000 with a joint MBA/JD degree from Brooklyn Law School and Zicklin School of business. He has been a practicing attorney in New York State with specialization in real estate transactions, family law, business law, and other general practice and trial litigation for over 16 years. He has litigated matters in NY Civil and NY Supreme Court in both the commercial and civil divisions. In 2012, he launched which offers legal advice online to people seeking legal help over the Internet.


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