Like many transgender people, I have faced a lot of backlash for merely mentioning my identity, including two illegal firings. Even as I now run my own business, I have stirred clear from sharing my identity and my thoughts publicly for the first 4 years, as this could have deterred clients from working with me, and jeopardize the early growth of my business.

Almost every trans person has had similar experiences, and most still need to hide their identity merely to survive.

This means that millions of trans people around the world aren’t able to be seen and heard, and millions more, especially young people, lack positive role models because the people who could be those role models cannot be seen and heard freely.

Get to know Angel Pretot

Angel Pretot is a french learning coach at French Fluency .net and an entrepreneur. Angel is a polyglot (someone who speaks multiple languages) and speaks 5 languages fluently.

“Several First Amendment lawyers got involved to try and stop this actor from any further attempts to threaten, harass, and intimidate me into silence.” Ron Blake

We all have a right to share our stories. And to speak our truths. About anything. Without fear from those wanting us to remain silent.

I have been traveling around the country every day for five years encouraging rape survivors to speak out about their stories. I gave a TEDx talk about this. However, a Phoenix-based actor sent me a letter of intimidation trying to silence me from speaking out about the rape that almost killed me. This actor is married to one of the three perpetrators in that rape.

Several First Amendment lawyers got involved to try and stop this actor from any further attempts to threaten, harass, and intimidate me into silence.

That is ironic. Theatre is all about free speech. Many of this actor’s colleagues have stood by and done nothing to stop these threats. They forget…theatre itself ceases to exist without free expression.

Get to know Ron Blake

Ron Blake is a blue-collar survivor who has become an activist for rape awareness. He has spoken at 27 colleges encouraging survivors to speak out about their traumas.
Additionally, Blake has been on TV and radio shows across the U.S. telling his story despite experiencing gaslighting from the three perpetrators and their friends. They’ve been trying for years to silence and discredit him.

He also has testified before a Senate Judiciary Committee and helped pass a law that now provides protection for fellow rape survivors who have come forward with their stories too. There is now a documentary film in pre-production that will cover Blake’s extraordinary nine-year pursuit of justice and speaking his truth.

You can connect with Ron Blake at the Blake Late Show or watch his Ted X Talk

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