As a student of Political Theory, one question which really intrigued me in my second year was that IS FREE SPEECH REALLY FREE?

It does not matter whether the state you live in is a developed one or a third world. Some people struggle with freedom of expression. In a liberal democracy itself, we have seen different barriers and restrictions regimes have been put up! Why does freedom of expression matter anyway?

It’s a fundamental human right. It’s an impulse. It’s an action that cannot and should not be controlled. The difference between animals and humans is that we can express. Expression and speech allow a community to grow by giving them a voice. There is flourishment.; it tells you to be accountable to think and to evaluate.

Just Because a community is marginalized does not mean its freedom to express his take. In fact, it’s the other way round. Once this freedom is snatched, the particular groups cannot help but become marginalized.

Achintya Kolipakkam from Elegance Tips

How GTKME helps people like Alexandre Yunus Mahe express themselves.

1. A GTKME page where they can express themselves! (Add images, video, a personal message, and more)
2. Interactive clothing that is linked to their Get To Know Me page!
3. Clothing that makes it clear they have something to say.

GTKME pages are accessible when scanned. No apps required, works with most smartphones!

Express yourself with GTKME Interactive wear

All clothing, gifts, and accessories sold by GTKME have their own GTKME page where you can write, add photos, video, and more. Login details are provided with the item, no setup required, just log in and express yourself!